About Us

Non-Toxic Pest Control for a Green Sustainable Future

Easy On Earth Pest Control Sydney is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing non-toxic pest control services to the Sydney area for over 16 years. We are committed to creating the best green sustainable pest control company that won’t compromise future generations.


We believe that we can do better than the traditional pest control industry, which relies on harmful chemicals that pollute the environment and harm people and wildlife. We are committed to using non-toxic pest control methods that are safe for the environment and your family’s health. Lets work together as a team, we will solve your pest problems in a more sustainable way.


We envision a world where pest control is sustainable and doesn’t harm the environment. We believe that by using non-toxic methods, we can protect people, wildlife, and the planet.


We train experts in pest control services, that don’t rush on your property in order to get to the next job. Our pest control technicians perform a couple of treatments each day, so they can take the time to listen to your needs and meet your expectations. Our technicians are autonomous because they love wildlife and they study it in depth.

Fully Insured Company

Easy On Earth Pest Control is a fully insured company with Rapid Solutions. Our policy number is AUS-23-9327. Our policy covers us under the “Limit of General Public Liability” for $10,000,000. But the most important is that we are effective and warranty our pest control services so you can put your attention in what really matters, your family or your business.

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0406 983 822 to learn more about our green pest control services and to schedule an appointment. Thankyou for choosing Easy On Earth Pest Control