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Bed Bugs Control in Sydney

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61What are bed bugs?

The common bed bug (Cimexlectularius Linnaeus 1758) is an ectoparisite insect (a parasite which lives on the outside of the body of the host) of the family Cimicidae.

Bed bugs feed only on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. Although bed bugs have a cryptic behavior and can conceal themselves in tight cracks and crevices, bed bugs are often found in bed parts, such as mattresses and box springs, hence the common name.

Bed Bugs Life Cycle


Bed Bug bite images and bed bugs symptoms
Although bed bugs can dine on any warm-blooded animal, they primarily dine on humans. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases, but their bites can become red, itchy welts.

Bed bug bites do not hurt; bites may result in an itchy welt which causes discomfort and can lead to secondary infection of the bite wound due to scratching.

Treating the bites soothes the irritation, but it can still be very distressing when there are multiple bites which sometimes occur with bed bugs.



Bed Bug Detection and Prevention
Bed bugs signs and how to rid bed bugs?



When Traveling

  • Vacuum suitcases after returning from a vacation.
  • Regularly inspect areas where pets sleep for signs of bed bugs.
  • Change your bed linens often. Inspect bedding for shed bed bug skins and blood spots
  • Inspect hotel rooms before you settle in. Set your luggage away from walls and furniture, including the bed.
  • Check your bedsheets for tell-tale blood spots.
  • Consider bringing a large plastic trashbag to keep your suitcase in during hotel stays.
  • Carry a small flashlight to assist you with quick visual inspections.


When Home

  • When you get home from travelling, inspect your suitcase. Store clothes in a sealed plastic bag until they can be washed and dried on high heat.
  • Examine secondhand furniture before bringing it home or even better never bring second-hand furniture, especially mattresses and box springs, into a home without thoroughly examining for signs of a bed bug infestation. You might consider having a pest control professional inspect the furniture as it is difficult to detect an infestation if you are untrained.
  • If you suspect you have bed bugs, don’t just sleep in a different room. This just expands the bed bugs territory.
  • It is imperative to seek professional pest control to address a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are hard to make rid of and they are definitely not a DIY project.


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Rodrigo Matamala

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How to Prevent Household Bugs and Rodent from our Home or Business

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Conventional-PC-Guy-300x239One of the biggest problems that we face everyday is to try to educate our clients about prevention, it seems to me that as a society we are preferring to move towards the quick fixes, without thinking about the consequences of those little actions. A challenge I face everyday as a pest control technician, is to pass these practical easy tips to my clients so we can help them to keep crippy crawlies away from their properties.
Pest Control begins as a need of humans to exterminate organisms that disturb their comfort or damage their health or property. Many pests have only become a problem because of the direct actions of humans. Modifying these actions can substantially reduce the pest problems.



Rodrigo Matamala

Director and Head Technician at Easy On Earth Pest Control Sydney