Pest Control Reviews / Testimonials Sydney

Residential Pest Control Reviews

I had almost given up on controlling cockroaches after the last visits from other companies had used lots of poisons and made very little difference, but thought I would try your different approach. The gentleman who came spent hours investigating inside and out, and vacuuming up every last bug and nest, before laying non-poison traps. Things were immediately much better. He planned a second visit given the extent of the problem, and since that visit I have barely seen a bug, previously overrun. It cost more because I needed 2 visits, but it has been enormously more successful than anything I have tried before. I am carefully sticking to the list of written instructions on how to avoid reinfestation and friends have commented on the difference.

Jan, Russell Lea NSW

Easy On Earth Pest Control™ provided service above and beyond expectations: prompt and courteous first contact, punctual and friendly arrival. Rodrigo’s fascination and respect for insects was contagious and along with having my home completely rid of the insects I wanted gone in a low-chemical way, I learnt intriguing facts about the little critters! I also love that Easy On Earth Pest Control™ provided advice as to ‘prevention’ rather than just band-aiding the problem. Who knew that booking a pest control service could have become such an enjoyable experience? I highly recommend this company!

Vaike, Bronte NSW

Commercial Pest Control Reviews

Easy On Earth Pest Control™ treated our business in an environmentally friendly and organic way. No harmful liquids or sprays were used as they knew that our restaurant is obviously very sensitive to these kinds of products. Their process to eradicate our problems were handled discretely and effectively. They have saved our business in more ways than one. Thank you from all of us here.

Ekarat, Five Dock NSW

Our business was infested with vinegar flies and cockroaches and Easy On Earth Pest Control™ was able to not only get rid of the pests but treatment them in a natural way with natural products. We were amazed at their knowledge and professional manner.

Daniel, Summer Hill NSW

Cockroaches were infesting our whole commercial kitchen and Easy On Earth Pest Control™ got rid of them for us. They helped us understand the problem and help maintain our business roach free. A big thank you to you and your whole team.

Chelsea, Bronte NSW

Easy On Earth Pest Control™ targeted our termite problem in our offices and helped us to understand their behaviour. It was a pleasure to met and experience their professional manner. Our deepest gratitude to you Rodrigo and your team. We are back in business.

Branka, Chatswood NSW

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I was very impressed with not only the service provided by Easy On Earth Pest Control™, but more so with Rodrigo himself. Our home has lots of issues with regards to the proximity of trees and rocks, Rodrigo went beyond the normal service i have received before and as such we are very pleased with the outcome ( a lot less spider penetration).
I give my recommendation fully to anyone considering Easy On Earth Pest Control™.

Dominic, Palm Beach NSW

The Easy On Earth Pest Control™™ staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and they took the time to give us advice on how to prevent pests in the future. I would recommend them.

Simon, Hurlstone Park NSW

Amazing! They controlled the flea problem and got rid of them in the process. They were helpful, professional and friendly. What a team. Thanks! Chester my dog is not itching anymore.

Silvana, Lavender Bay NSW

Easy On Earth Pest Control™ did just that. Not one ant was left. The treatment was effective and environmentally friendly. Thanks for all your help guys.

Robert, Killarra NSW

What a fantastic pest management process Easy On Earth Pest Control™ has. Its effective, affordable and best of all they are a down to earth professional team. Thanks for helping our business! They are the first tradesman that I know that were always on time.

Care, Vaucluse NSW

Our rat problem no longer exists thanks to Easy On Earth Pest Control™. Their informative and professional manner tackled the problem head on and the end result was extraordinary. We will be definitely recommending you to anyone. Thanks team!

Brad, Glebe NSW

We have used the services of Rodrigo Matamala and his team in two of our interior design jobs and found them to be conscientious – attentive to detail – and very diligent.

Maria, Double Bay NSW

I wanted a natural way to treat our cockroach problem because I have kids and pets and Easy On Earth Pest Control™ did just that. Thank you for thinking of my family and being able to use natural products to get rid of the spiders.

Christalla, Marrickville NSW

Their termite treatment was concise, it took some time to fix it but effective and well managed. What an amazing job. Worth every penny!

Adeline, Surry Hills NSW

We had termites all over our house and Easy On Earth Pest Control™ removed them from our site. The constant communication and information that was given to us was impressive and welcomed. What a great and professional manner. Thank you.

Cameron, Mosman NSW